ZOECON 2020: Virtual Con (FREE!)

ZOE CON 2020 April 24 & 25! Come join us for a FREE Virtual Con experience for movies, shows, gaming, and general nerdery! The fine folks at The Fantasy Network, ZOE, and DG are doing some very cool things with an all virtual fandom convention.

Here’s where you’ll find Emilie:

Friday 4/24:

  • 3pm-7pm PST– Lurking and prowling and peeking in screenings, events, and chats
  • 7pm-11:30pm PST — JourneyQuest Watchalong, seasons 1, 2, 3!


Saturday 4/25

  • 9am PST — Demon Hunters: SOL Watchalong (Repping The Amazing Velma!)
  • 10am PST — Script Read: Grandmother Clock by Matt Vancil (playing Molly, a young girl toppled into a fantasy adventure to help her family find their way through loss)
  • More to come!

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