Emilie’s Band at Taste of Tacoma, 6/27/14

RockLab plays the  Bowl Stage at Taste of Tacoma THIS FRIDAY 6/27, 4PM!

Start the weekend out right and make your way to Point Defiance Park for the annual Taste of Tacoma food fair & music festival! My band, RockLab (www.rocklabtacoma.com) is slated to play at 4pm at the Bowl Stage.

I’m stoked for this gig– it’s our first outing with our new guitarist and under our new(ish) branding. As RockLab, we’re focused on “Rock n’Roll Experimentation”… musical mash-ups of amazing songs. I won’t spoil all the surprises, but lets just say Adele and Rocky Balboa are one helluva pairing. Buhm. Buhm buhm BUHM. I’m still sore from all the crazy dancing at rehearsal last night.

Taste of Tacoma is a great event– 3 days of 100 musical acts, 29 restaurant booths, wine tasting, beer garden, and family events.  Here’s the musical schedule for the weekend!

Come out and dance with us!