BTS Video: “Curses!” Photoshoot with Espionage Cosmetics

Check out this episode of “Behind the Glitter” with Espionage Cosmetics, purveyors of #nerdmakeup and the masterminds behind the “Curses!” body glitter photoshoot.


Watch the Curses! BTG Video!

I blogged about the photoshoot a few months back, with several of my own BTS pics, but somehow I missed the finished video! There are, of course, lots of BTS shenanigans, which is always fun, but also some neat sneak peeks into how the “glitter shirts” were applied (lots of glue) and interviews with the ever-amazing head of Espionage Cosmetics, Jamie Cordero (aka, @TheGlitterJedi). You also see me eating things and giggling and making silly poses while covered in glitter… in other words, an intimate look at my everyday life.

Espionage is currently en route to San Diego Comic Con, where they are going to be incredibly busy and important. Keep your eyes open for their big announcement coming soon!

Photo: Mike Wilson with Nowhereman Photos