Radio Pulp Rules

Do you long for a simpler time? For a moment to huddle round the radio, leaning into the latest hi jinx and daring exploits of your favorite sleuths, explorers, and bullet-dodging adventurers?
Wait no more, friends.

Aegis-CurseJadeDragon2The folks at Airship Daedalus and Aegis Tales Radio Adventures have you covered. “AEGIS Tales brings to life unique characters from a bygone era that never was, with plenty of vintage radio crackle…”

And this month I got to voice a fun character in an installment of the Pulp Radio Serial, “Tales of Aegis, Episode 4: The Curse of the Jade Dragon.”


Take a listen to me as Jean Gordon, Investigator and All Around Sharp-shooting, Sharp-witted Dame. Have a listen on your commute or lunch break or while you’re washing up your dinner dishes. Pulpy good fun, a dash of horror, and lots of good voice work from PNW talent.


Thanks to Despot Media and Creator/Producer Todd Downing for inviting me to come play!