Reblog from Medium: Think you’re not funny? Neither was I, until this show helped me wrangle my inner comedienne

Spoiler: You might have to wear ridiculous pants.

Hi, my name is Emilie, and I’m not a funny person.
See, there are funny people and there are those of us who are surrounded BY funny people.

We, the unfunny, we have other qualities. Smart, maybe. Amusing and good conversationalists, check and check. Most of us learn very early to be connoisseurs of punchlines, and we are excellent straight-men. But somehow, we are still the ones whose jokes at the party are much funnier when someone else delivers them… 30 seconds later and more loudly. And most of the time, we don’t mind our perpetual unfunniness. Because we like funny, and we seek out the funny people, and frankly — like everyone else, funny or un — we also just love to laugh.


What if we, the comedically stunted, DISCOVERED our funny? Think about it. What if you got the chance to test drive funny like a shiny new Camaro, for a day, a week? Could you uncover something uniquely you, deep in your unfunny being you had forgotten or discounted or just flat-out ignored? Could you mine some unknown internal wealth of funny for actual… LAUGHS?

I say you can, unfunny friends. I say we all can.

Read the rest at!


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