The end
is frayed, uneven.

This is the piece you
make do, make work.

The piece you keep
for just in case.

This is how you unplan.

Emilie Rommel Shimkus is a Tacoma-based writer who dictated stories and poetry before she could draw a circle with a crayon. She finally did master the Crayolas (and circles), and continues to write poems and creative non-fiction while simultaneously  devouring the works of others.

Her work has appeared in King County Metro’s Poetry on the Buses program; Pacific Lutheran University’s creative arts journal Saxifrage; and several anthologies, including Northwest Renaissance Poets at the Kent Canterbury Faire, Creative Disarray’s In Tahoma’s Shadow, and Sarasvati Takes Pegasus as Her Mount.

Since 2012, Emilie has hosted a monthly reading/open-mic series at the (first Wednesdays at the Auburn Station Bistro), in partnership with NWR and the Auburn Striped Water poets (funded by Auburn Arts Commission and 4Culture).

Emilie also leads workshops and summer camp sessions in poetry, creative writing, and theatre for children and teens.

Photo: Kat St. John