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Wren&RilkJourneyQuest, 3 seasons IMDB

Playing Wren Birdsong, a tenacious, impulsively well-intentioned Bardic student in search of the epic that will make her mark on history.

“Following a group of dysfunctional adventurers on a quest to discover and destroy the mythical Sword of Fighting, JourneyQuest is a comedic adventure through the fantasy world of Fartherall, where intellectual orcs, incompetent wizards, and holy zombies form the living (and not-so-living) backdrop to an epic story of unrequited love, burning passions, and severely reluctant heroism. And running away. Lots of running away …” (Dir Matt Vancil, Ben Dobyns, Christian Doyle)

See all episodes in Seasons 1 & 2

Season 1, Episode 1, “Onward” [Emilie’s scene at 0:00-3:20]

Season 2, Episode 8, “Fall into Darkness”  [Emilie’s scene at 2:10-5:10]

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Breathing in Wartime (SIFF Fly Film 2013)

playing Alice, Dir Curtis Taylor, IMDB,  [Emilie’s scene at 5:25-7:20]
“A circular narrative that elides the transformation of an industrial district with the uncertain progress of its citizens.”

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